Kevin Romary's Wish List

Dear Santa,

I don’t ask for much each year. In fact, the only thing I’ve asked for so far this year is some new socks. I know, it’s not exciting – but I’m a man of simple needs.

Instead of material items this year (with the exception of the socks, of course), I’m only going to ask for a few sports-related items to make my days of work in 2018 a little more enjoyable.

1. Billy Preston

That’s right, B-I-L-L-Y P-R-E-S-T-O-N!

The Jayhawks need him. I don’t mean just need him to make a run in March. I mean, they need him now! Without Billy, Bill Self’s team is currently running on fumes. Plus, two Bill(y)’s are always better than one.

If you can’t deliver the Preston thing, I’ll settle for a Silvio de Sousa. Better yet, I’ll take both!

2. Another City Showdown

I’m begging for another City Showdown. Sure, the first one last Friday night at Allen Fieldhouse was amazing.  In the girls game, both teams led by as many as 15 points. In the boys game, the final result was in doubt until the fourth quarter.

For 20 years, two matchups between the two has been the norm. This year, thanks to the size of the Sunflower League, they’ll only play once. I feel cheated! The City of Lawrence should too! Can’t we break the League into two parts like the old Big 12? Copying ideas from the Big 12 is a good decision, right?

3. Stop stopping the clock on first downs

Finally, I love college football, but I don’t like taking five hours out of my Saturday to watch it. Why, oh why do college football games take so long to play?

There are many answers to this question, but the most aggravating is stopping the clock on a first down! What’s the point? In my day, they called that a timeout. Come on, NCAA ... I mean Santa! Stop with the stopping of the clock. Let’s get these games moving. After all, I’ve got a September tee time at 3:30 at Eagle Bend. Who wants to be our fourth?

Thanks, Santa.

Your friend,


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