The Pooka Effect

It didn’t take long for Kansas freshman “Pooka” Williams to make an immediate impact. I’d say it only took one game. But, honestly, it took less than that.

After sitting out week one for unspecified reasons, Williams burst on the scene at Central Michigan. The Louisiana running back carried the ball just 14 times for 125 yards with two electrifying touchdowns. The first romp covered 20 yards. The second went for 41.

The last time a true freshman made this type of first impression just might be when Todd Reesing ripped off the red shirt against Colorado in 2006. If you were at Memorial Stadium on that day, you’ll never forget what you saw. After trailing 9-0 at the half, Reesing made his debut in the third quarter. Todd completed 7 of 11 passes for 106 yards with 2 touchdowns. In addition, he carried the ball 7 times for 90 yards including a ridiculous zigzagging 63 yarder. In the end, KU beat CU 20-15. That victory sparked a three game winning streak. In addition, it sparked a legend.

Oddly enough, Reesing will be in the building this weekend to have his name added to the Ring of Honor. In addition, he’ll get a close-up look at the newest freshman sensation – known as Anthony “Pooka” Williams.

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