Priority #1: Find a Quarterback

If new head coach Les Miles and new offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey hope to have any football success at the University of Kansas, they had better go find a legitimate quarterback. History suggests that without an above-average signal caller, KU has no chance.

Glen Mason lasted nine seasons on the job, mainly because he had a knack for finding decent QBs. Chip Hilleary led the Hawks to the Aloha Bowl in 1992. Three years later, Mark Williams won 10 games, including a bowl victory in Hawaii.

Mark Mangino spent eith years on the hill. After arriving in Lawrence, he immediately found Bill Whittemore, added Jason Swanson, recruited Kerry Meier and offered Todd Reesing. Those four took the Jayhawks to four bowl games.

The same can’t be said for the likes of Charlie Weis, who failed miserably with five-star transfers Dayne Crist and Jake Heaps. Turner Gill’s tenure lasted only two seasons with Kale Pick, Jordan Webb and Quin Mecham. Terry Allen’s best QB in five bowl-less seasons was likely Dylen Smith. David Beaty managed to stick around for four years. In the process, he started at least five different quarterbacks.

Who knows – maybe the difference maker is already on the roster in Carter Stanley or Miles Kendrick. Maybe a new system that fits them will turn the Jayhawks carousel at the position into something stable. It’s also possible that the next starter is currently on another roster, maybe at a high school, or maybe at a junior college.

Either way, Miles and Lindsey are getting the big bucks to find the right guy. And that guy will likely be the key to a long tenure in Larryville.

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