Forget “The Streak” – Remember the Final Four

It’s true. The Kansas men’s basketball team did not win a 15th consecutive Big 12 Conference regular season title. “The Streak” officially ended in Norman. And while the current team is on the hook for letting history get away, there’s still time to define this squad as a winner, rather than a loser.

Truth be told, it’s not conference titles that fans remember. It’s post-season success. Off the top of my head, I can name every year KU made it to the Final Four since the mid 80’s.










The 2018-2019 team can still add its name to the list above. If it does, no one will remember this year’s 3rd place finish in the Big 12.

Excluding the last 14, I couldn’t tell you the last time the Jayhawks won a league title. Frank Mason won four Big 12 crowns. He reached zero Final Fours. Do you think he’d trade one league ring for one trip to the national semifinals? I don’t know the answer. But, I do know that Kansas fans would quickly forget about the end of “The Streak” with an early April visit to Minneapolis.    

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